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The ZAKFARM farm has been breeding sheep and cattle organically since 2003.

the farm is located in White Carpathians.

Area of about 300ha.

With a number of 300pcs of Romney marsh mothers and 100pcs of Abrdeen angus cattle.

Sustainable and ecological landscape farming

Symbiosis of animals with the landscape and humans - grazing on meadows is not only a natural and healthy environment for animals, but also friendly to the landscape in which we farm. Meadows and pastures that are used as the only source of food for animals are regularly maintained.

Our Aberdeen angus breeding

100 cattle

Raised outdoors all year round without the need for barns or other buildings

Our cattle are highly resistant to cold and parasites

Approximately 3-4 breeds used on the farm

Bulls rotated regularly to maintain unrelatedness

Performance control

Individual approach to animals

Sale of heifers from Europe.

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Cattle: Aberdeen Angus

North-east Scotland is home to several cattle breeds, including one of the most widespread beef cattle breeds in the world. Cattle farming has been a significant part of the region since the early 18th century. Aberdeenshire and Forfarshire were able to breed a beef type of beef cattle which, in the first half of the 19th century, breeder Hugh Watson united by crossing the Shorthorn breed and thus laid the foundation for the breed. In the 1840s, the first studbook was established in England.

Our breeding romney marsh

300 mothers


All bred animals are purebred and in performance control

Sale of breeding rams and sheep within Europe

High resistance of the animals due to the foothill environment in the White Carpathians

sheep: Romney Marsh

This sheep breed comes from the south-east of England from the county of Kent. The studbook was established in 1897.

Sheep are adaptable, easily acclimatised and tolerate wet climatic conditions well. They are resistant to contagious hoof rot, lungworm and gastrointestinal worms. They can be successfully reared in lowland, foothill and temperate mountain areas. The breed is characterised by very good pasture qualities.

The animals graze on grass meadows all year round (Grass Fed) and are kept in accordance with their natural needs (welfare).

Year-round outdoor animal breeding

the animals are outdoors all year round without shelter, even in winter, and are always provided with basic living conditions from food, a non-freezing water source, shelter, etc. The nutritional and health status of the animals is regularly monitored. Year-round outdoor husbandry respects the natural needs of the animals, resulting in higher resistance and lower incidence of disease

The only source of fertiliser is the animals themselves

We do not use industrial fertilizers

We preserve the original landscape

Mowing and maintaining meadows and pastures is the main and

sole source of food for the animals

We combine grazing systems

self-sufficiency in farming and breeding

Due to the sufficient area and advantageous geographical location of the pastures in the White Carpathians, we are fully self-sufficient in the production of our own feed for our animals.

An extensive machinery park with technical facilities allows us not only to take care of pastures all year round, but also to offer our agricultural services such as baling, packing haylage, mulching, mowing, raking, etc. for other operators.

Sale of breeding animals

We have been selling breeding animals for over 20 years. By importing new bloodlines, we provide quality breeding stock throughout Europe. We have our own certified transport.

Main benefits of our breeding

High resilience of animals due to the foothill environment in the White Carpathians

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Import of new breeding lines

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Sale of breeding rams and sheep within Europe

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Own certified transport over 8 T

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Meat processing

In the year we established a meat processing plant under the name maso z lúky, where we process our meat in organic quality.

Processing using the dry aging method and a production of homemade products.


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